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We strive for excellence when it comes to
 serving our clients and our horses!

We will do everything in our power to meet your needs and make your experience with us a positive one.
We have an alternative approach to equine maintenance, handling and training. Our methodology is to listen to our horses and give them freedom to express themselves in a positive and productive manner. We believe our special blend of training methods and care, make Eternal Hope Equestrian Centre unique.
We are 3rd and 4th generation horsemen. Our animal husbandry techniques originate from our Native American roots and have been passed down from previous generations of professional horsemen. We embrace and blend ancient and contemporary alternative medicines and equine psychologies; creating a style of horsemanship unique to us alone.
Our training experiences and expertise are vast and include but are not limited to: colt starting; behavior modification; ranch work; practical, all purpose handling and riding; show events both English and Western; ranch roping; barrel racing; trail riding; driving... to name a few.
The trainers at Eternal Hope have competed at Local, State, National and World levels since before 1970.
Our focus has evolved beyond stock horse training and competitions, to draft horses and carriage services coupled with equine therapy. 

Our goal is now, as it always has been, to achieve and maintain balance in our equine partners; in order to provide excellence in our services to you. Our healthy, happy horses help to ensure your equine experience with us will be a positive one.

Our program for wellness and balance for equine includes the following therapies: integrative energies, laser, bi-polar magnetics, deep tissue massage, superficial massage, micro-current and nutritional balancing customized to each horses' needs. Training, rehabilitation and behavior modification programs are tailored to each horses' physical and mental wellness, as well as their skill level.

Owner, operator and manager Christy Staab of Eternal Hope Equestrian Centre, LLC, is a 3rd generation professional horse trainer and 2nd generation professional stallion handler. She has had an extensive show career winning numerous National championships. Christy is a Certified Equine Massage therapist specializing in the rehabilitation of injured and traumatized equine.


All farrier care is performed in house by Shandy Staab-Daubert with occasional help from her dad Mike and her husband Duane. She is a 2nd generation hoof care specialist. Shandy was schooled by her father Mike Staab; a Cavalryman and farrier for the United States Cavalry during the 1970's. The merging of 'tried and true' traditional farrier techniques, Pete Ramey's modern therapeutic hoof rehabilitative techniques and a common sense, practical, utilitarian horsemanships' approach to hoof health- makes her farrier care distinctive. 

We work with the ever vigilant Dr. Pamela L. Muhonen, DVM of Timberwind Veterinary Acupuncture Services whom provides knowledgeable, precise and comprehensive strategies for setting our horses on their path to wellness, soundness and happiness. Dr. Muhonen is the primary Alternative medicines veterinarian here at Eternal Hope Equestrian Centre.

Dr. Karen Reidlinger, DVM; provides our horses with cutting edge technologies in quality equine dental care; as well as routine maintenance and emergency care. 

Our equine facility is located on 47+ acres providing 2 multi-acre grassy paddocks for turn out and one large pasture that is over 30 acres in size. Horses are turned out for play time daily (weather and ground condition permitting)- sometimes alone and sometimes with other horses depending on the situation and personality types.
Our barn consists of 10- 12'x12' stalls. These stalls can be configured into 4 spacious 12'x24' draft horse stalls. Each stall is constructed from tongue and groove boards with half-wall stall fronts (so horses can be part of what is going on in the rest of the barn). The flooring throughout the alleyway and stall area is flat and level with rubber mats over recycled asphalt. Each stall has an attached 12'x72' run made of pipe- big enough for horses to play and interact with each other.
Our training facilities include: an indoor arena with 2"-4" of clean sand, a solid bottomed round pen with clean sanded footing, a large approx. 200' x 300' pipe outdoor arena, a solid and safe tying wall, and grassy 1 mile track. The entire facility has been fenced specifically for equine safety and is double gated.

Bedding for the stalls and horse trailer are hypo-allergenic, recycled paper shavings and/or pine shavings from a local, responsible saw mill. The barn is illuminated with a combination of solar plastic sheeting (for daytime light) and energy efficient fluorescent lighting (for night lighting). The flooring for the barn consists of recycled asphalt and recycled rubber matting. Manure is spread to fertilize our pastures naturally. We recycle and much of our fencing is made of used/re-purposed oil field pipe, sucker rod and tubing.

Maintenance is performed on all carriages, buggies, wagons and carts regularly to ensure passenger, driver, footman and horse safety. Our horse trailer and truck maintenance is carried out regularly to help ensure we'll arrive safely, on time and in style.

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